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    Karl put another clip into his pistol and muttered, "What the hell was that?" His answer was a distant snarl. Whether it was directed at him he didn't know. He poked his head over the boulder he was using for cover. The mountain wall behind him restrained his urge to turn around. It was just his nerves, he told himself.
    He squinted, nothing could be seen immediately in front of him. There was a cave a few hundred feet away, too dark for him to see the other end. He waited for several more seconds. No more sound eminated. Unable to fully take his eyes off the entrance, he took his right hand off of the pistol and pulled his notebook.
    The scanned image of the imp looked much different than the monster he just wasted, but it was the closest match he could find. The info was so inaccurate however, it made him wonder.
    A loud splash of black liquid landed on the rock next to him, splattering small chunks all around him. He dropped the book and gripped his gun, firing blindly at the mouth of the cave. A black figure showed up in contrast to the light he created and it didn't take long to acquire the target. A few shots left nothing but a black pool.
    A moment after he stopped firing, a quite noise suddenly became noticable. A constant hissing sound. He looked down. Some of the sludge landed on a leaf and began eating its way through it.
    Quickly, Karl searched his uniform to see if any landed on him. A few droplets. Not enough to penetrate.
    "Damn it," he said to himself. Two years he'd been hacking to get this information and it was inaccurate. No mention of imps melting, or leaving black sludge. He picked it up again, scanning it over once more before angrily throwing it away.
    The bastards killed Jerry and a thousand other marines and the UAC didn't have any decent information on them. Karl was glad he ran out on them.
    After taking a brief glance around, he got up and continued on to Skull Mountain. The irony of it began to present itself, irritatingly enough. His entire childhood he was competing with his one-year-older brother. Jerry was dead. Karl wasn't. And it wasn't a satisfying victory.
    If he was a year older, he could have been there. Maybe he could have prevented it. A million other maybes circled his head.
    Underage had long become a hideous word, and it hadn't gotten any better over the years.
    If he had to kill every demon on earth, Karl had decided, Jerry's death would stand for something.

Xenogenesis is a 22 map Partial Conversion, where monsters evolve and few things are exactly as they seem.
There will be new enemies, friendly marines, interactive battles, voice acting, and original level themes.
More details could be made available, but I hate to spoil surprises.
Keep an eye open. This TC will be released.